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NOW AVAILABLE Fortune Delight 10 Pack (3g/ea) - Natural Herbal Tea by Sunrider

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 ✭ Revitalizes naturally!

Tea is one of the most popular and ancient beverages. Numerous studies have shown that Camellia sinensis, the plant from which most Asian teas are derived,
has many protective and metabolic health benefits. However, no ingredient is perfect and some teas can also have negative, anti-nutritional effects.

Fortune Delight® Herbal Beverage is a modern breakthrough in the history of tea. We extract and concentrate the beneficial constituents of Camellia sinensis, while minimizing the negative properties, to form a concentrated herbal base. Then we spray dry a proprietary blend of herbal extracts onto the base. This unique process enhances the release of natural antioxidants from the herbs and improves the delivery of vital micronutrients.

The culmination of cutting-edge technology and ancient herbal tradition, Fortune Delight® supplies your body with antioxidants and supports its
natural cleansing process. Replace soft drinks, over- caffeinated energy drinks, and regular tea and coffee with this award-winning “super beverage.”


NOW AVAILABLE Fortune Delight 10 Pack (3g/ea) - Natural Herbal Tea by Sunrider has a rating of 5.0 stars based on 22 reviews.


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