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NOW AVAILABLE SunBreeze Oil - Bulk Savings by Sunrider

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 ✭ Many uses! Highly concentrated!


Soothe sore muscles, stimulate circulation, and refresh your senses with this balancing balm and oil. Infused with natural essential oils and an ultra-concentrated blend of nature’s best botanicals, SunBreeze® is the perfect match for stress, tension, overworked muscles, and stiff, aching joints. Simply massage into your neck, temples, or anywhere on your body for instant relief and a refreshing burst of aromatherapy. Ahhhhh.

Sunbreeze essential oil & balm is a unique multi-use product with Menthol, Camphor, Eucalyptus and Cassia Oil (Chinese Cinnamon) 

  • Made from safe, pure, all-natural ingredients
  • Can soothe tired muscles.
  • Great for post-exercise, relaxation, and overall rubdowns. A favorite for neck rubs or on the temples.
  • Ultra concentrated, and cool and soothing. Pleasant, refreshing scent.
  • Also available as easy to use balm.
At Herbs Fortune, we've heard from a number of singers, amateur and professional, who swear by this product, and wouldn't want to perform without it. According to our customers, Sunbreeze does wonders for clearing phlegm and warming up the vocal cords.* Along with Calli Mint and  Sunny Fresh, Sunbreeze Oil is a terrific supplement to nourish and support a healthy singing voice.*

Multiple sizes available

Sunbreeze essential oil & balm is a unique multi-use product with Menthol, Camphor, Eucalyptus and Cassia Oil (Chinese Cinnamon).

Sunbreeze® Balm & Oil can soothe muscles. Both feel cool and refreshing and are ideal for overall rubdowns.


Gently massage into tired muscles.

    Ingredients Include: Menthol, Camphor, Cassia Oil (Chinese Cinnamon), Eucalyptus Oil

    Multiple sizes available:

    Oil:  Single Oil 0.17 oz

    Oil:  Box of 6 Bottles x 0.17 oz

    Balm:  Single Small Balm 0.19 oz

    Balm:  Box of 6 Balms x 0.19 oz

    Balm:  Single Large Balm, 0.92 oz

    Compare to "Tei Fu Oil" by Nature's Sunshine.

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