Do you know why you need an Air Purifier? And which one? September 17 2019, 0 Comments

Why You Need an Air Purifier

If you're interested in your own health, well-being, energy level and longevity, you must be interested in improving the quality of everything that goes into your body: the food, water, supplements, and air.

And if you or someone in your family has respiratory allergies, I've already said too much, you're well aware of the importance of pure air.

We all want our homes to be a sanctuary, however lots of airborne toxins and irritants can enter and even thrive inside, creating unhealthy or suboptimal conditions. Those with pets know that pet dander and odors can be a serious issue and spark allergies. Even plain old pollen from the great outdoors, and common household dust can be a problem, especially if you're sensitive.

Cleaning with regular household products can produce toxic fumes, as can cooking at high temperatures. What's more, furniture, appliances, rugs and mattresses are all prone to what's called off-gassing, and can release toxic volatile organic compounds (VOCs). Bacteria, viruses, and mold can easily take up residence, especially in laundries, bathrooms and HVAC systems. Mold especially can be very dangerous, releasing not only spores but also mycotoxins that can cause havoc with every system of the body.


Air Oasis Filterless Purifier Quick Stats: 

  • Up to 99% reduction in allergens, odors, VOCS, mold, viruses, and bacteria in the air and on surfaces.
  • Covers up to 3,000 sq ft of indoor space.
  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee
  • Made In The USA - Lifetime Warranty 
  • Virtually silent fan.
  • Uses safe, advanced technology developed by NASA: AHPCO (advanced hydration photocatalytic oxidation)
  • Advanced oxidants seek out pollutants, clean the air, then break down into harmless water vapor
  • Built-in ion generator (Negative ions improve mood!)
  • No filters to clean or replace
  • 2 year bulb lifespan, with automatic indicator.
  • Anodized Brushed Aluminum case.
  • Tested and Safe: ZERO to 0.05PPM OZONE production.
  • Large enough to handle big spaces, yet small enough to travel.
  • About 4 x 4 x 16 inches, weight: about 5lbs

How To Pick The Right Purifier

I've done my homework, having owned or used at least 8 different kinds of purifiers in the past. Here are some common things to avoid:

If you're in the market for a HEPA filter....
  • AVOID NON-HEPA filters and other multi-stage filters that over-promise, underdeliver, and cost an arm and a leg to replace every 6 months.
  • AVOID PLAIN HEPA filters without a special bio-active coating to prevent build-up of molds and bacteria. Yes, the paper surface of a standard HEPA filter can accumulate spores and itself become a breeding ground for pathogens.
  • AVOID cheap, foreign-made filters. If the gasket around a HEPA filter is poorly made, then the air will simply choose the path of least resistance, and largely avoid the filter. It becomes just an overpriced, glorified fan!
If you're in the market for a filterless purifier....
  • AVOID older, less reputable PCO (Photocatalytic Oxidation) purifiers that create persistent oxidants which may not fully break down, and can accumulate in your living space. Air Oasis Purifiers solve this problem with proprietary technology. 
  • AVOID ozone generators and purifiers not tested for ozone levels. Ozone is itself a pollutant and irritant, and your air purifier should be tested to produce less than 0.05 PPM (parts per million) of ozone.
  • Buy the Air Oasis Purifier! I own several Air Oasis products, and I've recently used their larger tabletop model on several trips. It travels handily both in the car and in airplane luggage. I strongly recommend the larger size, because even in a smaller space it will be more effective! Use the code PURIFY15 for $15 off the AO3000G3!

Warm Regards,
Eugene T.
The Herbs Fortune Team


Only a VERY LIMITED amount of purifiers currently available at introductory pricing. Prices may go up soon. Because this is an exciting new item in our store, please allow a little extra time for shipping and fulfillment.